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AsistVent 2.0

The update of an old project: a point of sale terminal with bluetooth printers for Android devices and an online administrator.

My first development order, AsistVent, was outdated by the disappearance of PDA devices, Windows Mobile and the new versions of the Windows operating system. Customers were using it for more than ten years, but PDA devices were outdated and began to fail due to constant use and the passage of time. Buying new PDA devices or repairing existing ones would be too high a cost to continue using an already outdated and very slow system compared to current smartphones. That is why I received the order to reprogram the entire system, this time adapted to Android devices, and with the request that the data server (administrator, database, sales dump, etc ...) be online; the only thing that was going to be maintained were the Zebra brand Bluetooth printers, which continue to function as the first day.

The server part was a simple development with PHP and MySQL over Apache, with a graphical interface based on Bootstrap, and adapted to the needs of the customers. Android devices would have an App developed by me installed, which would update the data every time it had coverage, or every time it connected to a WiFi network.

In this development I focused mainly on the security and stability of the system, as customers wanted a final product that did not need updates unless a security or major functionality flaw was found.

The origin of a larger project

When I finished developing this work, I realized the potential it has to be used by self-employed workers and SMEs, being a tool that is valid for both invoices and budgets and stock control from the user's phone, with a very simple interface and at a very low cost. That is why I have decided to make a more open and generic version that can be used by any self-employed worker or small business to make their invoices and control their accounting and business statistics in a very simple and fast way.

AsistVent 2.0