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Corporate Image and Logos

Logo design and corporate image creation for companies.

Not only have I done design work as indicated in the previous post, I have also created logos for companies, small businesses and associations, and some of them have also commissioned me to create or renew their corporate image.

Most of the time, creating a good corporate image and designing a suitable logo can make a difference to stand out in the market. The view is our most developed sense, and a corporate image that attracts attention or that builds confidence and professional image can be the decisive factor in winning a customer for life or losing it forever. Some of my clients for whom I have created their corporate image, or have renewed the image or facade of their business are: Scubasur, Wind Surf Velilla, L'Ostería, Nautilus Books - Cabrera Bookstore, Mercachuches, Afrika Rock Bar among others.

The first impression is the most important

A simple, eye-catching and easy-to-remember logo, a unique and pleasant color combination, the right decoration or a suitable graffiti for a facade will be the first details of your business that your customers will perceive, and following these they will decide if they convince them to be your customers or will remember your business for future occasions.

Corporate Image and Logos