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Trabajos | Developing - Android - Web


A social network for divers: maps, logbook, photo gallery, hyperbaric cameras, dive centers, and much more

This was a personal project to create an online Logbook for divers, which at the same time was integrated into a world map with dive centers, immersion points and hyperbaric medicine centers. In addition, each logbook page would link to the corresponding page of the other immersion partners, and would include a gallery with all the photos of the whole group.

The idea was to create a tool that would simplify the work of divers and dive centers, which could be managed both from a web browser and from a smartphone. I would also use the geolocation tool to notify submariners near an area, about future events, special offers and possible accidents or emergencies where they could help.

The entire web part, databases, user and content management was developed with Drupal, and my own modules developed by me for very specific portal functions. All web maps were managed through OpenStreetMap and Leaflet. On the other hand, the client for smartphones was developed on Android, using the tools of Google and Google Maps.

An advance offer

During the development and promotion of the platform I received an offer for it, it was going to be continued and modified by another development team, with the idea of ??also extending it to Apple devices and expanding its functionalities. By clauses of the contract I can not comment on the offer or the company that made it. I have not heard from the project again, I don't know if they will have finished it with another name or if it will have remained in the drawer of unfinished projects.